School-Based Services

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OHCA School Based Services Webinar


OHCA will be presenting a webinar titled OHCA School Based Services on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. This webinar is for SoonerCare contracted schools and their rendering providers that are billing SoonerCare for medically necessary services pursuant to an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The OHCA School Based IEP training will cover the requirements for contracting and billing SoonerCare for school based IEP health-related services.

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School-Based Prior Authorizations **PERSONAL CARE only**


  • Schools and rendering providers must fill out an OHCA contract if not already contracted with OHCA, including subcontracted professional providers and school-based paraprofessionals (RN, LPN, BHSA, school psychologists and personal care assistants)
  • Enrollment
  • Provider Enrollment questions: Please contact SoonerCare at (800) 522-0114 option 5